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Sunday, 18 March 2012

CVS Formed Its ERDC Group

CVS Emergency Response Disaster Control (ERDC) Group conducted their meeting on March 13, 2012 for the finalization of the consolidated report of the ERDC Guide.

CVS ERDC was formed to meet the need for a group to oversee a disaster risk reduction and management plan. Its main functions include the conduct of periodic inspection of all buildings and facilities for structural integrity, safety, and worthiness, and the regular conduct of the disaster and emergency preparedness drill.

CVS Emergency Response Disaster Control Group:

Maria Wilma S. Santiago (Administrative Officer I)

Alvin L. Yturralde (Assistant Professor IV)

Consolacion A. Talisik (Assistant Professor II)
Lerma P. Llorente (Assistant Professor II)
Irene B. Taborlupa (Assistant Professor I)
Rico D. Briones (Instructor II)
Mary Ann S. Bamba (Instructor I)
Marlon A. Felix (Instructor I)
Carlos D. Mola (Administrative Aide III)
Genesis L. Pag-ong (Security Guard)
Ronald D. Trinidad (Security Guard)

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